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Talked about us

In the media

"Slowly, awakening has begun...

And the media channels started to notice

The phenomenon called 'Brothers in Yoga.'"

"First appearance - April 23rd"

"Oren Gabriel, a member of the association, is being interviewed on the morning program on Channel 14."

"In memory of Ben Uri."

"A brother in the Yoga Brothers community who was murdered at a party in November."

"Global media"

"Following the 'Breathing Space' initiative at Maccabiah, an article was featured in the American media about the project and us."

"Articles online"


"In honor of International Yoga Day"

"We were like ducks at a shooting range."


‘Brothers in Yoga’ looks to give Israeli combat veterans tools to overcome trauma


How yoga is helping Israelis heal from the October 7 massacre

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