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Friends of BIY?
Thank you for your support!

?How to donate

We invite you to take an active part in our vision, according to your ability and good will, through a positive thought, participation or financial contribution.

Any donation in any way will be welcomed, and will help give back to the people who gave with their body and soul.

The "BIY" program is 85% subsidized by donations, in order to remove any financial limitation that may prevent those interested from accessing healing.​​

Contributions from the USA
can be given through the PEF organization


You will be provided with a receipt for tax deduction in the - 501 (c) ​

We will appreciate if you can email us at:
with a confirmation or receipt of the donation
so we can make sure to locate and transfer to BIY. 

Thank you for your support!


Our donors

No. of donors - 182

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