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Cultivating Togetherness 

In the memory of Ben Uri, a beloved Brother in Yoga, who died in 7.10.23

Ben’s last article in our Blog was called: “The Inner Dance: Balance Between Persistence and Compassion towards the Self”

The first paragraph gives a peak into Ben’s way of being, and way of thinking. As a brother in Yoga, I would like to honour Ben and share with you the essence of his last article.

Perseverance - The Flame of determination (Ben’s) Definition: perseverance is the quality that enables one self to continue doing something even when resistance is present.

In Yoga, perseverance is compared to the non-compromised devotion Yogis

have towards their practice:

The commitment to wake up with the Sun to practise the Asanas.

The discipline to meditate daily, even when the mind is scattered and restless.The Yoga’s Sutras emphasise the importance of Order and Routine in daily practice (Abhyasa), as a means to acquire restfulness and inner peace.

Self Compassion: a Hug of Self Love

Instead of ignoring the pain, or punishing yourself through self criticism, we can choose to embrace self compassion. Even in the presence of suffering, or the sensation of failure and unworthiness, one can choose to be warm and understanding toward the self, and its human nature.

Self compassion is inherently linked to Ahimsa (non violent). Within the teaching of being a non violent being, the ahimsa expands to more than the physical realm. By connecting to self compassion, thoughts and feelings get more space and recognition, which leads to that same old tender inner voice that tells us: “it’s OK to rest”, and “I am doing my best”, even while struggling.

Persistence is the force that pushes us toward excellence, and helps us reach our limits, and exceed them, through a journey of self growth and discovery.

It is the flame that fires our desires and keeps us in motion. On the other hand, self compassion has tender, soothing and healing qualities that helps us healthily remember our Value, which in turn, helps us connect to ourselves while pursuing our goals.

In the dance of life, the balance between persistence and self compassion enables us to embed meaning and cultivate inner sense of Center.At its’ core, in order to truly thrive, one must learn the delicate art of using Soft Persistence while maintaining Gentleness in a persistent manner.

Dancing life on the thin line between Diligence and Self Compassion requires a support of community, who share values, practice and goals as individuals and as the whole.

The power of community can be likened to a circle of light, radiating warmth, support, and strength to all within its embrace.

Much like the glow of a flame passing from one candle to another, within a community, each individual illuminates and enhances the spirits of others. In this circle of light, every member contributes their unique brightness, forming a collective aura of resilience, unity, and shared purpose.

Just as light dispels darkness, a community's bond banishes feelings of isolation and alienation, offering a sense of belonging and acceptance. It provides a safe space where people can share their joys, sorrows, and aspirations without fear of judgment. The circle of light that a community creates extends beyond mere physical presence; it encompasses emotional support, empathy, and a shared commitment to uplift each other.

Within this radiant circle, diverse perspectives converge, fostering understanding and learning. It encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas, nurturing personal growth and fostering a sense of togetherness. When faced with challenges, this collective light serves as a guiding beacon, inspiring resilience and fortitude among its members.

Ultimately, the power of community, like a radiant circle of light, illuminates the path towards unity, strength, and a deeper sense of connection, allowing individuals to shine brighter together than they ever could alone.

May all creaturs find peace and light within.

Om Shalom.

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