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Ben was a graduate of Brother In Yoga's 5th class, yoga and meditation became an integral part of his life helping him cope with PTSD from his military service. Ben had a great heart, open, sharing, full of fun and laughter, he dedicated himself to giving. 


Ben volunteered with brothers in yoga, to help share the program with other veterans dealing with post trauma. He was active in the training program, and managed the social media campaigns. A true Yoga practitioner is one who shares, that was Ben. 


Ben shared until his last minutes. He participated at the festival in Reim which became a massacre, in his last minutes he filmed himself meditating in a ditch while terrorists were shooting around him, unfortunately he was murdered. 


This picture is a small frame from Ben's last minutes, speaks a lot of his bravery to collect himself under terror, to be calm, to encourage his peers to be present, and to document his last moments for the benefit of sharing his last post. Ben's story is one of too many tragic stories these past weeks, it is also a story of being brave. 


Brothers in Yoga (BIY)  is sharing Ben’s last post, in his memory, and in the benefit of bringing awareness to the tools of Yoga. 


BIY was founded in 2022 to provide relief for veterans dealing with PTSD, the non-profit was founded by IDF veterans who utilized Yoga tools to deal with their own post trauma. Routinely BIY provides a 4 months program in small groups, kind of a Yoga boot camp, this program succeeded in alleviating the suffering from trauma for Ben, and many more.

Ben loved mantras

Meet Ben

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